Marine noise hotspots in the Mediterranean: First scientific basin-wide map

It is time to highlight once again the fine work of OCEANCARE, an organisation active since 1989 for the protection of marine mammals and their habitat, our seven seas.  They just came up with this news: Scientists present the first basin-wide map of the Mediterranean reflecting the density of underwater noise sources in the region. Who commissioned this report? “the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS)”.

I may quote from their site:
“There are several clearly identifiable areas within the Mediterranean basin where noise-producing activities accumulate. Many of these so-called noise hotspots overlap with important cetacean habitats. This is a conclusion reached by scientists from France, Italy, Switzerland and the US who – for the first time – present a basin-wide map that shows the density of the main anthropogenic noise sources in the Mediterranean Sea. The results of the report ”Overview of the Noise Hotspots in the ACCOBAMS Area, Part I – Mediterranean Sea” for the period 2005 to 2015, are drawn from a dataset covering 1446 harbours and marinas, 228 oil drilling platforms, 830 seismic exploration activities, 7 million ship positions, publicly available information regarding military activities, and 52 wind farm projects.”

Besides advising a series of specific urgent measures to take, the report authors also elaborated a proposal for building p an international common database which would “centralise structured data on human activities producing impulsive noise in the Agreement area”.

Read the full article here.  The report can be downloaded here. The portal obviously has much more interesting information still, about the state of knowledge with noise pollution and what can be done.

Among other, there is this video:

And graphics like this – it’s a screenshot, here is the original:

Marine noise hotspots in the Mediterranean
For nature and the beauty of our sailing trips tomorrow, have a look! Many of the afflicted areas happen to be very beloved sailing areas too.

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