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As mentioned also under sound pollution, the Monterey Institute has an excellent animation about noise pollution and whale behaviour.  It simulates a migrating whale group moving along a coast. By adding factors like propeller noise, ship traffic and others, the user can directly observe – and get explained –  what the effects of such acoustic disturbances are:



Also, I warmly recommend the Census of marine life, “…a 10-year international effort undertaken to assess the diversity (how many different kinds), distribution (where they live), and abundance (how many) of marine life—a task never before attempted on this scale…”


Another extract-quote from their site: “The first Census of Marine Life…investigated life in the global ocean from microbes to whales, from top to bottom, from pole to pole….they found and formally described more than 1,200 new marine species, with another 5,000 or more in the pipeline awaiting formal description. They discovered areas in the ocean where animals congregate, from white shark cafés in the open ocean to an evening rush hour in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to a shoal of fish the size of Manhattan off the coast of New Jersey, USA.” White shark cafes. Need I say more. See the breathtaking collection of photos and reports here.

While deep down in the seas anyway, have a look at the awesome underwater archaeological work of Franck Goddio and his team. Self-explaining.  A side-step from our topic but worth the time, would you agree? Besides, a step away from the big picture is never a bad idea. Back in time is just one fine option here – and isn’t that one priceless:

 franck_goddio©Franck Goddio society.


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