Innovative Dutch yacht building: Duurzaam Jacht

There is another interesting project – and organisation: Duurzaam Jacht in The Netherlands, “sustainable yacht”. It is part of a series of projects realised by a foundation called “Schone golf“, clean wave.  Translated quote from the foundation’s page: “Schone Golf intends to cause waves in the water sports industry regarding the advancement of sustainability. We do this by supporting specific, dedicated projects, spreading the voice about them. The duurzaam yacht project is one of those projects. Schone Golf has been conferred charitable status (in Dutch: ANBI, Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) which means that donations given to the foundation are tax-deductible (some preconditions apply).”

duurzaam_jacht_2 ©SaltyColours / Laurens Morel.
Used with friendly permission, via Duurzaam Jacht.

Duurzaam Jacht built a unique looking ship. It is partly solar-powered: “Above the cockpit a bimini is placed, a “sunscreen” consisting of solar panels. Together with walkable solar panels on deck, they produce about 1500 Watt on favourable days. On the cabin roof, walkable solar panels are installed, as well as behind the continuous window in the hull, at places where inside are the cabinets or a toilet.” Also: “The two (E-tech) motors are dynamos at the same time. As motor, they supply 5 to 7 kilowatt. In their dynamo function, each of the motors delivers 300 Watt at normal cruising speed. That value can increase substantially with higher speed. “

There is much more smart detail here. Find a complete overview of the components and installations aboard. Click on it and you’ll get to the animated scheme with (Dutch) explanations, on the Duurzaam Jacht site:

Nice extra: For €100 / person / day you can sail with this yacht and her crew, in Dutch, German or Danish waters, either as a day tour or for several days in a row.  Various ports are listed as departure points. You could even board at Amsterdam during the HISWA in-water boat show. According to the yacht’s travel schedule it will be there, 1st to 6 September 2015.

Here are more photos.

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