Yacht Design

Sustainable sailing starts with smart boat design and construction. 80% of the environmental impact of leisure boats is decided at design stage already. Choice of materials and construction techniques are two fields where significant potentials for sustainability can be ‘built in’ right at design stage. See in this context a very interesting presentation given by LADIDA during a sub-conference of the Boot 2014 at Düsseldorf, Germany.

At the end of life of a sailing yacht another interesting, thus far widely ignored topic appears on the radar: Sustainable dismantling and  recycling of yachts. Yacht recycling is a field with huge potentials, besides a topic in its own right (think: circular economies…). What that means on a practical level and which potentials, challenges and fine opportunities for jobs may coming up in this very special nautical industry branch, not too far form here, is described on the Yacht recycling pages. Have a look here. Also, read what Florida-based naval architect Eric Sponberg has to say about the topic, in an excellent article called “Recycling dead boats”.

About mele

I research and write about the intersection of yachting with the environment aka 'sustainable sailing'. From sourcing planet-friendly yacht construction materials, sailors for ocean science, clean regattas, renewable energies aboard right up to yacht recycling. Academic training in environmental science, sailor, living at the shores of the Dutch IJsselmeer. Want me to write for you, too? Get in touch!

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