Challenges to sustainable sailing

What are the challenges to sustainable sailing in our days? Conflicting agendas, massive pollution and unawareness about it, be that intentional or not. Plus economic factors. The Blue flag programmes are a great start. But there is much more to do. What about offering planet-friendly cleaning products at affordable prices also for the average sailor? The supermarkets have arrived there, why not many more marina shops?

One might think: Nothing can possibly stand in the way of stopping pollution and natural resource depletion now. A common sense imperative and definitely not too early. We all got it by now. Still, some madness goes on. Wouldn’t it be for the great variety of fine projects out there as well, efficiently saving the planet one fine step at a time, one could get depressed. Instead, much great work is being done to save our planet. From people gathering at the Dutch North Sea each summer to walk for many miles and collect garbage while doing so, to great technical innovations and countless other projects. So yes, ongoing information about the challenges to planet-friendly sailing is necessary  for awareness to grow and stay strong. But luckily, coming up at the same time with a bunch of useful advice is easy in our days! Sailors have much more smart choices than many of them realise. Read more, grouped by topic:  

Conflicting agendas                     Pollution

Lack of information about available products and services


Challenges to sustainable sailing

We all depend on each other don’t we!
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