This site is about planet-friendly sailing in or 21st century.

Sailing, fantastic and beloved way of travelling, already has been one of the ‘greenest’ forms of transport ever since – certainly where compared to cars or planes. Still, some traces do sailing boats leave behind in the ecosystems they pass through. With maritime leisure industries growing worldwide, those traces multiply.

There are many viable options for sailors to minimise harmful impacts on our marine ecosystems though. But that landscape of sustainable or ‘green’ sailing is still rather young and thus exotic to many. What’s widely missing is not so much information about it,  mind you – rather a good overview of the entire landscape:

Which useful, sensible, brilliant solutions have been found to minimise harmful ecological impacts, and where to get them? Can you power your ship with renewable energy? How exactly? Who offers what and where? Which forms of cooperation towards sustainability exist already in the nautical world? Which jobs and services are coming up in that young market? What is yacht recycling? And lots of more info.

This site is an ongoing research project of Sea and Land, a small flexible provider of communication services based in The Netherlands. And specialised, besides other, in the maritime industry.

Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome, any time.
Have fun out there and save travels!



About mele

I research and write about the intersection of yachting with the environment aka 'sustainable sailing'. From sourcing planet-friendly yacht construction materials, sailors for ocean science, clean regattas, renewable energies aboard right up to yacht recycling. Academic training in environmental science, sailor, living at the shores of the Dutch IJsselmeer. Want me to write for you, too? Get in touch!

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